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Re: Need advice on SCSI raid controller

Am Freitag, den 14. Oktober hub R. W. Rodolico folgendes in die Tasten:

> Need to build a mail server, fast, and I have been told we will have
> a dell 2850. YUK. However, I get to choose the RAID controller as I
> told them we definitely could not go with the Perc or whatever was
> in it. Looks like the newest Adaptec's are all oriented towards Suse
> or RedHat, and this thing will be built with Debian (sarge).

We have running several PE2650 with PERC 3/4 (adaptec / lsi IIRC)
with Debian woody and sarge without any problems.
You have to build a kernel which support megaraid or aacraid depending
on the vendor of the controller.

mwilhelm@gauss[/boot]$ grep "AAC\|MEGA" config-2.4.30-server 

I don't know if there are any problems with the newest PERCs in 2850 or
machines alike, but I would guess that this is no problem.
(If it is we'll experience this soon :-/)

> Any suggestions. I have to tell them what card to get ASAP. Just
> need a good, solid, SCSI RAID1 going in this. Preferably an Adaptec,
> as I opened my big mouth and said we needed an Adaptec (never again
> will I say that). But, anything, as long as I can get this box up
> and running, then forget it exists.



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