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Re: Need advice on SCSI raid controller

According to their website (one of the tech support sites they
have), the new drivers for the SCSI controller (PERC4) on the 2850's
work with the the 2.4 kernels, and with the 2.6.9+ kernels, but not
with the 2.6.x where x < 9. There were several people who tried it
but none that I saw succeeded. I didn't even know there was a 2.9
kernel yet, and do not want to go back to the 2.4.


> Am Freitag, den 14. Oktober hub R. W. Rodolico folgendes in die
> Tasten:
>> Need to build a mail server, fast, and I have been told we will
>> have
>> a dell 2850. YUK. However, I get to choose the RAID controller as
>> I
>> told them we definitely could not go with the Perc or whatever was
>> in it. Looks like the newest Adaptec's are all oriented towards
>> Suse
>> or RedHat, and this thing will be built with Debian (sarge).
> We have running several PE2650 with PERC 3/4 (adaptec / lsi IIRC)
> with Debian woody and sarge without any problems.
> You have to build a kernel which support megaraid or aacraid
> depending
> on the vendor of the controller.
> mwilhelm@gauss[/boot]$ grep "AAC\|MEGA" config-2.4.30-server
> # CONFIG_SCSI_MEGARAID2 is not set
> I don't know if there are any problems with the newest PERCs in 2850
> or
> machines alike, but I would guess that this is no problem.
> (If it is we'll experience this soon :-/)
>> Any suggestions. I have to tell them what card to get ASAP. Just
>> need a good, solid, SCSI RAID1 going in this. Preferably an
>> Adaptec,
>> as I opened my big mouth and said we needed an Adaptec (never
>> again
>> will I say that). But, anything, as long as I can get this box up
>> and running, then forget it exists.
> Ciao
> Max
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