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RE: debian 3.1 and proftpd server for my isp company help required


>  1)Create a separate group for this ftpusers

That's more to the system itself, don't your customers already have a group of their own? If not, they should, use that group on 2) for example.

>  2)These users should login in to their home directory other 
> than that nothing should see

Basically you just need the directive

"DefaultRoot ~" (~ means home directory, like "cd ~" in shell)

in your proftpd.conf. It's possible to implement more magic, as proftpd understands ACLs. Also, I used

"DefaultRoot ~ !staff" (the "!" negates the following object.)

which means, all users are bound to their home directory except those in the group staff.
>  3)If i want to remove the shell access for all these users 
> how to configure proftpd.conf file

As in 1) - nothing to do with proftpd itself. I usally don't give a valid shell in /etc/passwd like /bin/noshell or the like. Also, noone should be able to get a shell to your system anyway except physically at the console. For instance you can define who's allowed to ssh to your machine and the like.

>  4)Security how to configure this in proftps.conf

Never done myself, sorry.

> I read the documents but i didn't understand fully.

I think the proftpd.conf is pretty good commented, also I think there was a good document on proftpd somewhere in the debian manuals section.

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