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Re: [OT] _received_ call from toll free ?

2005/10/6, Chris Wagner <wagnerc@plebeian.com>:
> Every line has to have a valid callback number to display on caller id.
> This is so telemarketers can't hide behind bogus numbers.  U just got lucky
> to be called by one of these people and have the call go over equipment that
> could forward that number all the way to ur country.

Youp ,every line _should_ present a valid callback number but i have a
small voip network and tested such things just for fun. For example,
my cisco IP phone was "666" and when called my cellular it was "666"
presented  too.
It all depends on configuration of PBX, whether it passes through the
"invalid" number or it does not.
note that the valid number is 0+Subscriber'sCountryNumber* , in the
other case, the PBX will present your number as "restricted" or

sorry for OT

*just translating it from Polish ;)
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