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Re: Combined virtual apache logs

Op 6-okt-2005, om 6:42 heeft R. W. Rodolico het volgende geschreven:

I host a few domains (around 60) and each has their logs stored in
an individual directory. I am looking for a way to get a combined
output for each server, ie for server A, I would also like to see
the amount of overall traffic.

Is it possible to put two transferlog entries in a virtualhost.

I have two CustomLog directives for each vhost I host, one pointing to the per-host logfile, one pointing to Debian's default logfile.

If necessary, I could just write a Perl script that parsed all log
files and gave me the numbers via e-mail, but I do not want to
re-invent the wheel if there is already a solution to this.

If necessary, that script already exists. Dunno the exact name, but it's there. It might even be distributed with Apache.


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