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Re: Multihoming an end user

Mailing List wrote:

We're a small shop in regards to needed address space. In other words, a full blown BGP4/ASN with a /20 allocation from ARIN isn't likely to be justified. Can this be done using a private ASN? Another option?

How big is your address usage? Keep in mind that ASN allocation and direct-from-ARIN address allocation are two separate entities. You can get an ASN if you are multihomed, about to multihome, or otherwise have a unique routing policy from your provider; it has nothing to do with how many addresses you have. With regards to addresses, you only need a /24 to successfully multihome, and you can get a /24 from your ISP. Even if you don't have enough usage to directly justify a /24, you can meet ARIN's justification requirements by multihoming (you can only get one /24 that way, and you'll have to allow all of your ISPs to check with each other on that). If you're big enough to justify a /22, you can get a /22 out of a bigger ARIN block for multihomed folks.


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