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Multihoming an end user

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup our network for ISP failover in the event one of our links go down. Earlier this month SBC canceled our one of our DSL accounts due to a billing error. It took them two weeks to get it turned back on so in an effort to avoid costly downtime in the future, I'm hoping someone has setup something like this possibly for one of your customers.

We currently have two internet connections managed through a linux router. If the primary ISP goes down, I currently need to manually change the gateway to route traffic out the other path. I could setup a script to automate this and watch for dropped traffic but I'm certain there's a better way. Although it'd be great to use both links to maximize the bandwidth, it isn't necessary.

To complicate matters, behind our router sits a Watchguard Firewall for VPN connectivity. It currently has an routable IP configured on the primary ISP's link which all of our remote users and parent company use to connect to us.

We're a small shop in regards to needed address space. In other words, a full blown BGP4/ASN with a /20 allocation from ARIN isn't likely to be justified. Can this be done using a private ASN? Another option?



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