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Re: netserver lpr debian nightmare

> >>Opps, I lied. It hangs at the isc dhcp screen on the test machine. Not
> >>the disclaimer screen.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Are you sure it is hanging, and not waiting for something to happen?
> >you tried just modifying /etc/init.d/dhcp (or whatever is starting it)
> >with a "exit 0" at the start, so it skips past it? Does it work then?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> Yup, it's hanging. (or taking 30 minutes plus:)
> I appreciate your reply. I'm so long and so deep into this, my clarity
> of thought is in question. Your suggestion was right on track. The file
> is /etc/init.d/networking. After "finally" being able to boot, I then
> tried to start networking using dhcp and then static and it hangs saying
> "Configuring network interfaces..."
> Hmm the card works fine. I'll try another slot???  and remove discover
> and see what happens. Suggestions are EXTREMELY welcome. Thanks Again!

Another slot probably won't help... unless it is some kind of IRQ conflict
or a bad slot.

Have you tried manually configuring from the command line rather than
using some GUI tool? ie. using ifconfig?

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