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Re: Windows IPSec/L2TP VPN client and Linux server with RADIUS, and PPP.

Phil Dyer wrote:
Jim Barber said:

Did your radiusclient come with a dictionary.microsoft file?
If it did, then I wonder why mine didn't include it?
If not, where did you get your file from?
How did you include it?

It's actually in the freeradius package. You could probably apt-get
install freeradius, then copy the dictionary.microsoft file (or better
yet, the dictionary and dictionary.microsoft files) over to
/etc/radiusclient, then uninstall freeradius since you don't really need it.

If I backup all the dictionary files out of the /etc/radiusclient/
directory to somewhere safe, and then copy in the dictionaries from the
/usr/share/freeradius/ directory to the /etc/radiusclient/ directory,
than that seems to break everything.

The ppp radius plugin no longer attempts to connect to the freeradius
server when those dictionaries are in place.

This includes the older PAP and CHAP protocol that previously were

So we are getting close... it could be dictionary related as to why the
MS-CHAP-Challenge and MS-CHAP2-Response strings aren't being generated.

I already done a lot to trying to get the microsoft dictionary into the
radius client, but nothing I tried worked...

I don't suppose that you're willing to send you radiusclient dictionarys
as an attachment directly to my email address so that I can see if they
work? And if so, look into the differences between them and report back?


Jim Barber
DDI Health

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