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Re: NFS client problem (unknown nfs mount option: nfsv3)

also sprach mimo <mimo@restoel.net> [2005.08.24.1623 +0200]:
> >     some awkwardnesses in the semantics (for instance, moving a file to a 
> different directory will render its file handle invalid).
> > There is currently no support for file locking.
> Do you know, does this mean it's not possible to use nfs-user-server as an 
> inplace replacement? Or experiences of implications?

I can't answer this question, but we use nfs-user-server in a 40
node cluster and have not had any problems since switching from the
kernel server, which was a nightmare.

But our cluster software is written so as to avoid locks, so I don't

How does one test the file handle voiding?

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