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NFS client problem (unknown nfs mount option: nfsv3)


I have a Deb (sid) NFS server which works wonderfully. I built a new sarge (web)server, and i need to mount a share from my NFS server via nfsv3 (or nfsv4). I have nfsv3 and nfsv4 support compiled into the kernel on the NFS server, as well as the client. I can mount a share via nfsv3 from a BSD box (-> NFS server), but when i try to do it from my new sarge machine, i get:

shuttle# mount -o nfsv3 geneva:/path/to/share /var/sharepoint
unknown nfs mount option: nfsv3

Now i'd assume sarge's nfs-common package has support for nfsv3, and hopefully nfsv4, am i wrong?


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