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Re: Laptop/ITX for Senegal [WAS: Re: RAD FCD-24 and X.21/V.35 Controller for Linux]

--On August 10, 2005 11:34:54 AM +0200 Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:

Better you change the Subject if wo want to get an answer.

Am 2005-08-09 20:16:41, schrieb Chuck Ludlam:
headed to Senegal in the Peace Corps
thinking to take a laptop, but they seem rather fragile.

I am working for the french Army and use a IBM R40 which is
realy robust.  I have used in for two years in Afghanistan
(-11 to +38°C) and last year in Iraq (~42°C).  I used it in
Morocco (last year ~48°C).

I can recommend it.  One of the best Laptops I know.
I have Internet Access via a Motorola satelite terminal.

While this is all a bit off-topic for Debian ISP I can second the IBM R40, very rugged notebook. The T-series is (or was) similarly well built but the displays didn't have very good low temp performance. Actually, most laptop displays have terrible low-temp performance, the Ts were tolerable, and the Rs were better. Note that I'm talking about -20F or so (about -29C) so quite a bit colder. We had days here in Montana where it was down to -40F and one of our 'net providers wireless gear used to make an intra-city cross connect couldn't handle it and just stopped working. Atleast those temps kill off the bugs for the summer :)


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