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Re: Re: RAD FCD-24 and X.21/V.35 Controller for Linux

headed to Senegal in the Peace Corps
thinking to take a laptop, but they seem rather fragile.
perhaps a Mini-Itx would be much more durable.
it's HOT and dustry in Senegal.
what do you recommend for a system.
want to do work processing.  want an SD card slot.  not much more.
I guess a Mini-Itx would have no battery, so I'd be dependent on local power, which might be solar.
sounds like a Mini-Itx system is not something you can pack up much, or can you put it all in one Pelican case?
Advice needed.
Chuck Ludlam and Paula Hirschoff
4020 Reno Road, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
202-364-6021 (home)
202-248-0661 (fax)
ludlam@starpower.net (until September 2005)
ludlam@gmail.com (after September 2005)
phirschoff@starpower.net (until September 2005)
phirschoff@gmail.com (after September 2005)

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