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Re: Laptop/ITX for Senegal [WAS: Re: RAD FCD-24 and X.21/V.35 Controller for Linux]

Better you change the Subject if wo want to get an answer.

Am 2005-08-09 20:16:41, schrieb Chuck Ludlam:
> headed to Senegal in the Peace Corps
> thinking to take a laptop, but they seem rather fragile.

I am working for the french Army and use a IBM R40 which is
realy robust.  I have used in for two years in Afghanistan
(-11 to +38°C) and last year in Iraq (~42°C).  I used it in
Morocco (last year ~48°C).

I can recommend it.  One of the best Laptops I know.
I have Internet Access via a Motorola satelite terminal.


> perhaps a Mini-Itx would be much more durable.
> it's HOT and dustry in Senegal.

Becasue I am engineer I have made ma own computer in a waterproofed
alu case.  It is around 40x30x7cm and use for external connections
military connectors I bought in an electronic shop in germany.  :-)

I use an AMD Duron 1200 with 512 MB of memory and 4 CF-Cards with
2 GByte.  Realy fast CF-Cards.  CDRom, Floppy and Cardreader are USB
and extern.

> what do you recommend for a system.

Do it yourself.
Because I am military, I have an experience of 20 years with it...

> want to do work processing.  want an SD card slot.  not much more.


> I guess a Mini-Itx would have no battery, so I'd be dependent on local power, which might be solar.
> sounds like a Mini-Itx system is not something you can pack up much, or can you put it all in one Pelican case?

I think, you do not need a normal PC-Power-Supply. You need an DC/DC
Converter which exist for 12/24V => PC-Voltages but are expensive.

> Advice needed.
> thanks.


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