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Re: Cyrus mailbox restore

C. Jon Larsen wrote:
reconstruct with -r and -f options will rebuild your mailboxes db file.

For some reason that wouldn't happen recursively. Before I got this reply from your, I cleared the directory, then one by one made all the folders and subfolders through my mail client, exactly as they were, restored the tarball, chmod the whole thing, then ran reconstruct, one by one, on each subfolder, something like

reconstruct user.hansdp.sent    and so on.

Took me about an hour but all is back to normal now (except which mails was read and which not, but that's minor.

You are welcome. rsync works well for backing up the seen files, especially if they are text files and not dbd or skiplist.

If you have a backup of the .seen files you can recover the seen state if you restore them. On my installation (compiled from scratch) they are in:


Now I backup the cyrus directories in both /var/spool and /var/lib  :-)

Thanks for all the help, I've learned a lot about cyrus in the process...


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