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Re[2]: CMS for Debian sarge x86

sorry maybe I mixed something up :(

but for more detail have a look here http://www.zope.org/Resources/ZopePowered/

to answer your question no I don't think it really matters which
language is used behind it I think more about security and how easy
something to use is. I personaly found zope very easy to use as
specialy because you can host as much sites as you like by using zope.
also I found it not that hard to have some deployment machanism build
to update my zope. but the mainwork is handled by simply using the
site itself having some kind of workflowmanagement.

but at the end this is always something you could handle like the old
linux/windows discussion its up to you what you like best.


BP> Werner Oswald wrote:

>>have a look at www.activestate.com
BP> and it says "powered by activeperl"?

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