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Re: Squid + Windows Update

linuxbug@linuxbug.co.in wrote:

> Hello, I think we have got here same kind of network your are
> talking of there are 450 user aprox. And each user has at least 3
> machines. We had faced the same problem, we workout that each
> connection coming to port 80 will be redirected/dropped unless it
> is from the Proxy host it self.

Thanks to all those who answered! I missed having problems just so
could talk to you guys. I do want to say that, in five years  of
experience in administration of Debian based systems, this list has
allways been the most accurate resource. I  use it as a last resource for
best results.

Now, to the matter at hand, the redirect solution would break
authentication on the proxy woulndt it? Do you have authentication in
your proxy?

Just to brag about it. Authentication is important and cool. I make
squid auth through pam_pgsql to the phpgroupware database, which is
synced with the courier imap user database. This is cool cause users
have one password for everything.

> Regards, Linuxbug
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> AM To: Robert Vangel Cc: debian-isp@lists.debian.org Subject: Re:
> Squid + Windows Update
> Robert Vangel wrote:
>> I have noticed that IE seems to be configured to ignore proxy
>> settings for Windows Update in certain situations.
>> I don't know what these situations are, but just from monitoring
>> multiple networks sometimes the configured settings are used &
>> other times they aren't.
>> More than likely the only way you can force the proxy to be used
>> is to set it up transparently.
>> Alex Borges wrote:
>>> Consider the following:
>>> a) A firewall+squid proxy that serves a large network b) Mostly
>>> windows clients c) Proxy listens in port 3128, windows hosts
>>> are configured by hand to use the proxy, the firewall forbids
>>> forwarding to all the clients, thus forcing them to use the
>>> proxy.
>>> Has anyone noticed:
>>> a) Some newer windows update programs cannot seem to pickup on
>>> the fact that they have a proxy configured
>>> b) In the event of you using one of these, tcpdump shows the
>>> hosts attempting direct connections to servers outside on port
>>> 80?
>>> I think microsoft finally farked squid up for good in this kind
>>> of setting.
> Hello.
> Yes, Try in transparent mode.It will maybe work fine.

fn:Alejandro Borges

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