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RE: Squid + Windows Update

I think we have got here same kind of network your are talking of there are
450 user aprox. And each user has at least 3 machines.
We had faced the same problem, we workout that each connection coming to
port 80 will be redirected/dropped unless it is from the Proxy host it self.


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Robert Vangel wrote:

> I have noticed that IE seems to be configured to ignore proxy settings 
> for Windows Update in certain situations.
> I don't know what these situations are, but just from monitoring 
> multiple networks sometimes the configured settings are used & other 
> times they aren't.
> More than likely the only way you can force the proxy to be used is to 
> set it up transparently.
> Alex Borges wrote:
>> Consider the following:
>> a) A firewall+squid proxy that serves a large network
>> b) Mostly windows clients
>> c) Proxy listens in port 3128, windows hosts are configured by hand to
>> use the proxy, the firewall forbids forwarding to all the clients,
>> thus forcing them to use the proxy.
>> Has anyone noticed:
>> a) Some newer windows update programs cannot seem to pickup on the
>> fact that they have a proxy configured
>> b) In the event of you using one of these, tcpdump shows the hosts
>> attempting direct connections to servers outside on port 80?
>> I think microsoft finally farked squid up for good in this kind of
>> setting.

Yes, Try in transparent mode.It will maybe work fine.

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