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Re: Squid + Windows Update

Robert Vangel wrote:

I have noticed that IE seems to be configured to ignore proxy settings for Windows Update in certain situations.

I don't know what these situations are, but just from monitoring multiple networks sometimes the configured settings are used & other times they aren't.

More than likely the only way you can force the proxy to be used is to set it up transparently.

Alex Borges wrote:

Consider the following:

a) A firewall+squid proxy that serves a large network
b) Mostly windows clients
c) Proxy listens in port 3128, windows hosts are configured by hand to
use the proxy, the firewall forbids forwarding to all the clients,
thus forcing them to use the proxy.

Has anyone noticed:

a) Some newer windows update programs cannot seem to pickup on the
fact that they have a proxy configured

b) In the event of you using one of these, tcpdump shows the hosts
attempting direct connections to servers outside on port 80?

I think microsoft finally farked squid up for good in this kind of


Yes, Try in transparent mode.It will maybe work fine.

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