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Re: Domen-Reseller webfrontend

Hi,  thx for your advices.

b.) A webfrontend which deals with the registry?

Thats what i mean,

If the latter is the case, OpenSRS/Tucows has a perl-based one, which you could install on your server(s). But obviously only if you buy your domain from them. Ready-made ans open tools for dealing with .de registry are not kown to me (I think there are none - that what the registrars spezialise in). For .c/n/o/b/i the case is the same.

Tucows is too expensive to me. I have a much cheaper one. They have a webfrontend i could use, but they have their company name on it. And i want a webfrontent with my company name on it.

I wonder if you really mean "domains", not "web-hosting" accounts (including domain, webspace + DNS ?).

I really mean only domains. Thats what i want to sell in first place. But i am also interesteed in selling web hosting later.
For dns i use powerdns and publicdnsadmin.




Dr. Ender Aysal wrote:

Thx, but i was searching for a web-frontend for reselling domains, not mail account.



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