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Re: IMAP Servers

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 18:34, Eric Jennings wrote:

> We've experienced some issues with courier-imapd and Mail.app,
> specifically where certain IMAP sub-Maildir mailboxes wouldn't display
> within Mail.app.  The mailboxes work great within Thunderbird.
> It's been infrequent enough where we haven't really done a thorough
> investigation.  If anybody else has had similar issues, and knows of a
> fix, please share!

If you don't have fam setup to automatically notify clients of new mail, 
Mail.app will poll to look for new messages.  It makes a separate IMAP 
connection for each folder [1].  So check your IMAPDAEMONS setting 
in /etc/courier/imapd (100 was recommended for 25 clients).

Another factor is the max # of authdaemons.  I'm pretty sure each IMAP 
connection generates an authentication request.  If the clients 
obsessively check for new mail, you may need to increase the number of 
authdaemons you allow courier to startup.



[1] http://staff.washington.edu/oren/weblog/archives/000070.html

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