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Re: suexec permissions

> On Monday 10 January 2005 11:34, nodata wrote:
>> > nodata wrote:
>> > From: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/core.html#user
>> >
>> > "Special note: Use of this directive in <VirtualHost> requires a
>> properly
>> > configured suEXEC wrapper. When used inside a <VirtualHost> in this
>> > manner,
>> > only the user that CGIs are run as is affected. Non-CGI requests are
>> > still processed with the user specified in the main User directive."
>> Ah this would explain things more - but then shouldn't running
>> http://website/cgi-bin/test.pl work? I get the same search permissions
>> error..
> Why of course.  The server doesn't 'know' anything about that file (or
> that it
> even exists) until it can 'stat' it.  And now it _cannot_ stat it ;-)
> It sound like a chicken and egg problem to me.
> Maarten

Ah. So what do other people do?

I could chgrp www-data, but then suexec complains.
I could give o+rx access, but then I'm left with anyone on the machine
being able to read everything.

Is there a simple solution?

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