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suexec permissions

Good morning,

I'm having a some permissions trouble with suexec running on Sarge.

I have a virtualhost for a user called Bob which specifies User Bob and
Group Bob in the /etc/apache/conf.d/bob.conf file.

The permissions on /var/www/bob are:
 drwx------   2 bob  bob     4096 Jan 10 10:30 cgi-bin
 drwx------  26 bob  bob     4096 Jan 10 10:30 htdocs

and the permissions on /var/www/bob/htdocs/index.html are:
 drwx------   1 bob  bob     4096 Jan 10 10:30 index.html

When I restart Apache, I get the following message in the Apache error log:
 [Mon Jan 10 10:35:00 2005] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper:

But when I try to access index.html, bob's error log shows:

[Mon Jan 10 10:36:00 2005] [error] [client] (13)Permission
denied: access to /index.html failed because search permissions are
missing on a component of the path

If I switch user to bob, and run ls -la on /, /var, /var/www, /var/www/bob
I can see all of the files, so why is apache running as this user not able

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