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Re: suexec permissions

nodata wrote:
Good morning,

I'm having a some permissions trouble with suexec running on Sarge.

I have a virtualhost for a user called Bob which specifies User Bob and
Group Bob in the /etc/apache/conf.d/bob.conf file.


If I switch user to bob, and run ls -la on /, /var, /var/www, /var/www/bob
I can see all of the files, so why is apache running as this user not able


You'll probably find that all your Apache processes are running as www-data
based on the User directive in your main httpd.conf -- and they can't read
bob's files.  Only CGI scripts will be affected by the "User" directive in a

From: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/core.html#user

"Special note: Use of this directive in <VirtualHost> requires a properly
configured suEXEC wrapper. When used inside a <VirtualHost> in this manner,
only the user that CGIs are run as is affected. Non-CGI requests are still
processed with the user specified in the main User directive."



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