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Re: Suggestions for remote server monitoring

Jacob S wrote:

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 06:50:24 +0300
Peter Clark <mailinglistalias@forrussia.org> wrote:

   What software would people recommend for remotely monitoring a
server? I'm not talking about intrustion detection and whatnot, just keeping an
eye on things like CPU load, memory, bandwidth usage, etc. Bonus
points if it uses something like RRD--graphs and charts are not just
pretty eyecandy for me.

apt-cache show nagios

Nagios will keep track of all your services - from http, to e-mail, to
ftp, etc. as well as the number of running processes, disk usage, etc.
It will also e-mail you when it sees a problem. It has a webpage admin
interface that's pretty informative. The only thing I think it doesn't
do is monitor bandwidth for you; that would require a different program.
If you have access to the data, it isn't hard to extend Nagios to handle custom monitoring tasks. Just write a script that returns a status code and some text.

We have been using it for several servers at work for a while with good

Regards, Upayavira

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