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Re: PHP 4.1.2

On Do, 23.12.2004, 09:23, Jasper Metselaar wrote:
> The `testing' distribution is not necessarily better than `unstable',
> because it does not receive security updates quickly. For servers and
> other production systems stable should always be used. -->
> But how can we still stick to the PHP version in Stable if there are
> serious security issues with that version and no updates/bugfixes are
> being released?

Perhaps very simple. ;)
Think about a stage between 'stable' and 'testing' - I would call
it 'backport' with a codename like 'pre-woody' for example:

"The 'backport' distribution is a meta stable distribution for testing
backports from 'testing' within 'stable'. Beside these backports it is
made up of all packets from 'stable'. Every important update of an
upstream, already in 'testing' could get the chance here to come into
'stable' before 'testing' would be released."

I think this "distribution" in principle is existing long ago.
The only problem: It's not official and only local to every user,
so it couldn't be tested as well as e.g. in 'testing'.

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