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Re: exim or postfix

On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 01:40:30PM +0000, Brett Parker wrote:

> There have been some very simple things that I've needed to find
> solutions to with postfix in the past which I ended up having to
> do with procmail that I can now deal with in ~ 3 lines in the exim
> config.

my guess is that you just know exim better than postfix, so things that an
experienced postfix user would find easy aren't as easy for you as just using

all of the things you listed as benefits of exim, my first thought was "but
postfix does that (and it does it better :)".

> Then, I've always prefered exim, I like having control at my finger
> tips, and things to do what I expect :)

odd.  that's one of the reasons i prefer postfix over exim.

exim's OK, but the best thing i can say about it is that it is "smail done
right, without the really stupid bugs".  which is not exactly a glowing
recommendation.  on the plus side, exim's author is damn smart and knows his
stuff...but i still prefer postfix.

for someone who knows exim really well, i'd say "stick with what you know
best", you're unlikely to get enough benefit from switching to be worth the

for someone who isn't already a long-term exim user, i'd say that they're much 
better off using postfix.  you'll be able to do more, with far less effort.


ps: i've used pretty nearly all of the free software MTAs (and some
not-so-free, like qmail) over the last 15 years.    i was an smail fan for a
long time, then sendmail got a lot better and i switched to that for a few
years.  then qmail came along, and i used either sendmail or qmail on all
systems for a few more years, depending on need (i liked most of qmail's
features but didn't like the license and really didn't like the feeling that it
was a dead-end incompatible trap as bad as any proprietary commercial
software).  then vmailer aka postfix came along and within a few months i had
converted all machines to postfix and now i won't willingly use anything else.
it had everything i had wished for for years.

craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>           (part time cyborg)

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