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Re: nscd: Was Re: long delays with LDAP nss/pam

also sprach Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be> [2004.10.29.1112 +0200]:
> How is djbdns good? In that it doesn't correctly implement the
> RFCs on some crucial parts of the DNS protocol?
> (hint: search for 'AXFR' or 'IXFR', and see what mr. Bernstein has
> to say about that. No, rsync is /not/ a suitable protocol to
> synchronise DNS configuration!)

Neither AXFR nor IXFR are crucial, and instead of your proof by
assertion, would you care to tell me why rsync is not suitable? It
works far better here. Anyway, with the confidence that boldly jumps
out of your post, I am sure you know about axfrdns, which is part of
djbdns. That provides AXFR but not IXFR. I have yet to see an
implementation of IXFR that works. If you now way BIND, I am just
going to laugh at you.

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