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Re: Advice for an IP accounting program

martin f krafft wrote:

also sprach Alex Borges <alex@co.com.mx> [2004.10.15.1742 +0200]:
The best ive seen was not in debian when i chacked. Its an ipacc
but patched to lazyly report to a mysql  database. This way the
measurement doesnt take a lot of resources in a really demanding

Yeah, except for the resources eaten by MySQL, which has no place in
a "really demanding environment", IMHO. Not wanting to start
a religious war... it is my opinion when I suggest to use a proper
database server instead.

Agreed. In my medium sized environment this scaled well, but if we are talking really post 10mbit very mixed traffic and complex stats, mysql aint gonna cut it. Still, if youre in charge of such a thing, it should be no problem for you to hack ipac-ng to work with postgres, or use iptables log+syslog-ng to relay to a log server and analyze it there (although im not shure this would be an ideal solution... id go for the lazy db).

fn:Alejandro Borges

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