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Re: Documentation of big "mail systems"?

## Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (hmh@debian.org):

> > So, now we would like Russel to explain why he does not like SAN.
> He probably doesn't advocate using SAN instead of local disks if you do not
> have a good reason to use SAN.  If that's it, I *do* agree with him.  Don't
> use SANs just for the heck of it.  Even external JBOD enclosures are a bad
> idea if you don't need them.

Of course. Buying SAN for a single mailserver is not worth the money.
Think of money per gigabyte and the extra trouble of managing your
SAN, local disks are much easier to handle.

> But not using a SAN that is already available at a datacenter where all
> disks are consolidated into large redundant FC SANs, well, that would be
> silly IMHO.  Diskless machines are, if anything, much faster to replace
> with a spare one when you need to get them serviced :)

Yeah. "I need 250 GB" - "Wait a moment - there you are". That is fun.


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