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Re: help with BIND SRV

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, August MacBeth wrote:

> thanks for your reply. I must have missed the section about how 'most'
> software doesn't support SRV (http://dns.vanrein.org/srv/tools/).. It
> seems like an incredible idea to me however, are there any alternatives
> you could suggest? I'm after some kind of software load balancing /
> fault tolerance..

Yes, a very unfortunate issue - as SRV would handle balancing, failover,
etc. :(

Your next best bet is to probably rely on DNS round-robin and define a
few addresses for your ftp server...  Any decent client/server DNS will
rotate the addresses automagically.

If you need more, there are some Debian packages to handle balancing -
but I've not yet had the need to investigate them; my setup is small.
Rick Nelson
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