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Linux Fiber Channel HBA


We've recenty experienced some problems with a Compaq PL 6500, with the following PCI HBA:
Card: Compaq Fibre Channel HBA
Chipset: Tachyon HPFC-5000C/3.0

It appears that the FC HBA is not supported by Linux. So, we decided to buy a Linux compatible FC HBA. So, is anybody out there using fiber channel? What do you recommend? Which FC HBA works out of the box with a stock Linux Kernel?

It appears that the most commonly used FC cards are from QLogic, LSIlogic or Emulex. Emulex apprently has propietary binary drivers, so it is the solution I favor the least. QLogic seems to have good support, but as far as I understand I have to download and compile the kernel modules manually. LSIlogic (MPT) drivers seem to be supported in the stock kernel.

And finally have you experienced any compability problems between storage arrays and HBA cards? Initially we are planing to use the HBA card to interface to an Compaq RA4000 Disc Array. Will LSIlogic HBA cards inter-operate with the Compaq RA4000 Disc Array?

Thanks in advance,

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