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Re: Sarge Apache2 and MS FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions SR1.1

Jacob Anawalt wrote:
> It seems like I did this with an apache2 backport to woody and it was
> easy, but that's not the case with the apache2 package in Sarge

Reviewing my notes it appears that I didn't get an apache2 Woody
backport working with FPSE, it was the apache 1.3.x in Woody.

I tried for a total of almost 48 hours to get FPSE SR 1.2 (wrong
version in subject line) working with apache2 and finally backed off
to apache where I was able to get the job done.


I am still interested in getting this working for apache2, but it is
no longer a priority.


Jacob Anawalt
I'm not on the list, please CC me.

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