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Sarge Apache2 and MS FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions SR1.1

I'm having trouble getting the MS FrontPage server extensions
configured for the apache2 ( v2.0.49-1 ) currently in Sarge.

The DSO appears to compile and link in (after some tweaking) but I've
not been able to get the 'root web' (really the admin port)

If anyone else has gotten this working, I'd appreciate some tips. It
seems like I did this with an apache2 backport to woody and it was
easy, but that's not the case with the apache2 package in Sarge. Maybe
part of my problem is SR 1.1 and I should try an older version. It has
to be the 2002 extensions though.

I've been running 2002 fpse on apache 1.3.x on RH servers compliments
of joshie.com, but I'd like to switch a couple of machines over to

I've posted some of my notes/experiances to
http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?SargeApache2FPSE . If you're into
using a wiki and have solved this puzzle please flesh that out for the
rest of us. Otherwise I'll post notes back to that from the list. I
also plan on posting to debian-user pointing to this thead once it
gets underway.

Thank-you for your time.

Jacob Anawalt
Please CC, not on the list.

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