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Re: which SATA-raid controller...

--Monday, August 16, 2004 09:39:48 +0200 "R.M. Evers"

> On Sun, 2004-08-15 at 18:08, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> we are planning to set up a serial-ATA based fileserver (>1
>> Terabyte). the host will be dedicated solely to serving files (via
> we're using a backup server equipped with a 3ware controller. the
> motherboard is a simple desktop board, so we're using a normal pci
> interface. we've never had a problem, and even though using standard
> pci, the speeds are fairly good (surely not top of the bill
> though). the configuration is 3-disk raid5.

A while ago we startet changing from GDT SCSI-RAID to 3ware SCSI/IDE.
We have models from 2 to 12 channel in use, both ATA and SATA and are
quite happy with them. Never caused any troubles so far. Some of the
larger servers use the 12 channel model. None of them did support a
>2TB RAID-sets so we had to setup two single disk-sets. But 3ware
should have fixed that by now. RAID5 Performance is acceptable but
not superior. RAID0/1/10 is fine.
I haven't checked the new caching models since caching without
battery backup and ECC doesn't look too reliable to me. Still
performance might be tempting.

Cheers, Marcel

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