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LILO & Software RAID1 boot= & raid-boot-extra

I am currently looking into a problem I have with LILO & Software RAID.
When upgrading a kernel, with boot=/dev/md0 in lilo.conf, running lilo
succeeds, but reboot fails with LI 40 40 type errors.  The workaround I
have used for this in the past is to change boot= to /dev/hda, then run
lilo, then change to /dev/hdb then run lilo and all is fine.
I realise that this is because when it is set to /dev/md0 it inserts the
boot code into the md0 partiition (hda1 + hdb1) and not the drive(s) mbr(s).
I have found 1 reference on the web to a lilo option raid-boot-extra which
looks like exactly what I want to fix my problem.  i.e.
raid-boot-extra=/dev/hda,/dev/hdb. The only thing is when I insert this
into lilo.conf and run lilo it doesn't like this entry.  Does anybody know
if this option is actually real and if so which versions of lilo support
it?  If not has anybody dealt with this in another way which they could

Reference: www.linux-magazine.com/issue/33/Software_RAID.pdf

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