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Re: Outlook and Qmail

I have the same problem with redhat sendmail and qpopper did you ever find a solution?
Any help would be greatly appreciated
>I am having a problem with one of my customers who is using Outlook 2000
>SP-3 to connect to our Qmail server.  When downloading messages from his POP
>account, Outlook will hang.  It is most likely a corrupted message, since he
>can delete the messages using a webmail interface, and then continue to
>download messages.  He has been using McAfee's SpamKiller, but now, even
>when he turns it off he has the same problem.  He has even deleted his
>account and recreated it (this is a virtual domain, so he can login as
>Postmaster and do that).

>Has anyone run into this problem?  I know at least one other ISP having the
>same problem with some of his customers, but we have not found a solution
>yet.  Any pointers will be appreciated.

>Anil Gupte

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