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Re: Cheap Mainboard whith autostart ?

On Sat, Jul 17, 2004 at 02:33:02PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Now I have a problem:	It does not start after a electricity fail...


There is no need you'd have to replace an otherwise good motherboard
just because it doesn't automatically power up after fail.

First you need to check if there is any nonintrusive method of
correcting it, namely:
- check if there is a BIOS upgrade available, and use it. Sometimes
  the option to power up is added in new versions of BIOS.
- check the manual or take a good look at the mb, and try to find
  any pins that might be related to the subject. You will also need
  to find the Power_ON pins which normally connect to the power button
  of your case, if you'll be forced to use the ultimate "intrusive"
  method, namely...

... The Universal Capacitor Solution.

Connect the Power_ON pins on the mobo with a small ~10V, ~10uF
capacitor. The voltage is not so important, can be higher, but the
capacity may need some experiments: sometimes it goes as low as 1uF
and as high as 40uF. The capacitor can be soldered for a shock-proof
setup, but for a testing period you could just use two separate jumpers
inserted into both pins, and plug the legs of a capacitor into them.
Pay attention to capacitor's polarity if it's an electrolytic one.

It could also work if you just shorted the pins with a jumper, but
that's a less elegant solution.


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