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Help with Router

I had originally had Debian setup to use pppoe to connect to verizon.net using DSL and it worked. I just setup a small home network using a Linksys DSL/Cable Router, on Windows it works fine, both computers connect shares work, both can use the internet. I need to know how to configure Debian to connect to the router. As I understand it, what I need to do is disable pppoe, set it up to connect via Ethernet, configure it do do a dhcp lookkup to the router for the ip address, though this machine it should be according the linksys's documentation as it is the first machine and in Windows it uses this ip address. Second Question, how do you set up to connect to Windows Shares, I guess this is Samba. I have a laptop that is off and on the network that I would like be able to connect to.
Christopher J. Noyes

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