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Re: Cheap Mainboard whith autostart ?

On 07/17/04 15:35, Rod Rodolico wrote:

I am not sure about the conversion from euro's to USD, but I have an
ASUS A7V600 that supports auto-restart. Caveat: I have not used this
feature. But, I rarely buy motherboards that are over $100 USD, and
I am pretty sure it supports your CPU and memory. Just can't find
the documenation.

I use it as my workstation, which runs SUSE, but I see no reason it
should not run Debian just fine (I believe I had it as my Debian
server at one time, but don't remember for sure). It has been a
stable MB so far.


My A7V600 won't boot without an AGP card plugged in. This may be annoying for servers.

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