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Re: kernel compilation, ethernet card modules


Francisco Castillo wrote:

I has now instaled a 2.4.18 kernel on my debian woody, i has installed it
with lilo running my old kernel 2.2.20 too. My new kernel only has a
problem, that is :
it seems to not have loaded the module of the ethernet card, so it give me
the error " Error while getting eth0 interface no such device "

First of all you should know, which ethernet card you have: manufacturer, model, useful is to know the chipset.

-> lspci could give you a hint.

then you can try to load the driver for your card with modconf. The cards are named there, so perhaps it is easier to find the appropriate module with this tool.

Once you know the module and you want to compile a custom kernel, you have to use this module, which works when loading with modconf.

Other possibility: you boot with 2.2.20 and do
this shows you the loaded modules, but if you did not compile it as module, it does not show up (if compiled in the kernel)


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