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Re: nat ipchains on debian woody

Francisco Castillo wrote:
> But my problem now is another different. When I installed my woody i
> put a floppy disk bootting system in order to load my debian woody
> kernel (this is a large history because i have 2 hard disk on this
> machine and I cant start debian in a classic lilo)

Why not?  Does LILO just exit with an error trying to install itself? 
Does GRUB work (assuming you can find it and get it installed...)?

I've yet to meet a system that wouldn't boot off the hard drive
eventually, although one or two have had trouble booting certain kernels
from CD.

> , so my bootting
> disk gone to run my old kernel (2.2) and i dont now how i can create
> a new floppy disk in order to load the new kernel

You need to run mkboot.  man mkboot for more details.

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