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Re: Streaming Video Server

Try  http://www.videolan.org/
Great streaming software, client and server, lots of features. Not very CPU intensive from what I've found, 3-4 streams.
Come's in a Debian package too.

Rod Rodolico wrote:

I just talked myself into a corner. A client called and asked if we can do a streaming video
server and I said "Yes, of course." He then asked if I'd have a bid ready by the end of the
week. So:

1. How do I do it. I am running a web server that is very under utilized (only about 60 web
sites and a couple of hundred e-mail accounts). Do I just set up the site and the files the
client puts out there are MPG or something? Or, do I need another server.

2. Any special hints on how to bill for this? I charge $25/mo to host web sites so long as the
traffic is below a gig a month. I told the client I'd have to look into billing, but are there
any caveats I should look for.

3. Any other information would be very appreciated.

I'll be researching this myself, but hope some pointers will come from the mailing list also.



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