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Re: lvm with raid

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004 01:49, Brett Parker <iDunno@sommitrealweird.co.uk> wrote:
> Just create the LVM volume on the RAID device, and that should be it,
> keeping /boot out of the LVM is a requirement fwict, otherwise the
> bootloader can't get access to the initrd or kernel image.

LILO is supposed to work on LVM devices as long as LVM doesn't move the blocks 
around under it (any such movement of /boot requires running "lilo" again).

I hope that LILO would work on LVM on software RAID, but both LVM and software 
RAID are complex and the interaction may make it fail to work.

If LILO does not work on LVM then please open a bug report about it, it is 
supposed to work.

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