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Re: MySQL with temporary high load on shared server

Stefan Neufeind wrote:

>Hi folks,
>does anybody have with MySQL running on a shared server, which gets temporary 
>high load? My problem is that a friend uses an online-shop on a shared-sytem. 
>No problem with that - but when he uses update-scripts to upload his 
>products/prices/... from scratch the system almost goes down due to heavy load. 
>There are about 10.000 products in the DB - not *so* much I always thought.
>System performance degrades for other services (mail, ftp, ...) as well as 
>other users trying to access their databases.
>Has anybody got an idea? Please let me know urgently!
>Kind regards,
> Stefan Neufeind

I would suggest looking at using a bulk insert procedure, this should
significantly speed up the loading of the data. If memory serves you use
LOAD DATA. Check the Mysql manual

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