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Sangoma Wanrouter Package


I am using a Sangoma Wanpipe wide area networking card in a Debian 
based firewall.

The "wanpipe" packages and associated kernel patches in the Debian 
distribution are way out of date and appear to have been orphaned. 
So I have downloaded tzg files from Sangoma, patched the kernel 
compiled the utilities and installed them as per instructions.

However this is all a bit painful. Every time there is a new kernel 
update required I have got to recompile.

The wanpipe utilities don't play well with 
Debian /etc/network/interfaces and associated ifup ifdown scripts.

Is there anybody else using Sangoma cards, and if so how do your 
manage the above?

The card is rock solid and with a little fiddling it works like a 
dream. Life is just much simpler if you can keep everything "Debian 



Ian Forbes ZSD
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