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Re: email server - how to

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 22:49, "Gustavo Polillo" <gustavo@ib.usp.br> wrote:
>    I'd like to know how the email server works with thousand users...

Quite easily usually.  When you get to 200,000 users things get more 
difficult, but 1000 is not much by today's standards.

> lvm??? how storage de inbox with 500Mb size and with 10000 users???

If your quota is 500M per user then the average should be something less than 
50M, which for 10,000 users would give 500G of storage use.  A RAID-5 of 12 
disks of 100G or more in size should do the job nicely.

To keep the average use well below the maximum you want to have some 
procedures for removing unwanted accounts and messages.  EG delete mail that 
hasn't been read for a certain period of time, and close accounts that have a 
certain level of inactivity.  Otherwise lots of people will subscribe to 
mailing lists and disappear leaving their 500M quota to fill.

LVM probably isn't the best way to expand.  Beyond certain limits it becomes 
inconvenient to have a single server manage it all.  So you have front end 
servers that relay the inbound mail to the correct back-end server and use 
Perdition to proxy POP and IMAP to the correct back-end server.  This way you 
can have many small back-end servers doing the mail storage instead of one 
big server.  If you want to have a million accounts then it's cheaper and 
easier to have 6 servers for $10,000 each rather than one server for $1M.

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