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Re: email server - how to

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 23:16, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:
> Am 2004-06-29 09:49:12, schrieb Gustavo Polillo:
> >  Hi everybody..
> >
> >   sorry by may english, but I am brazilian....
> >   I'd like to know how the email server works with thousand users...
> > lvm??? how storage de inbox with 500Mb size and with 10000 users???
> Sorry, but nobody puts 10.000 $USER with 500 MByte each on one Box !
> I am at freenet.de and they have around 300 Mailbox-Servers...

Why not?  The last ISP I worked for had >200,000 users per 2U back-end 
machine.  The quotas were quite a lot lower than 500M, but the trick was in 
making sure that the vast majority of accounts were not near the quota.

> I think, the limit today is at 1000 $USER for redunancy and secrity.

That's an expensive way to run things.  $10K for a server means that each user 
eats a $10 start-up cost plus 1/1000 of the on-going maintenance and support 
costs for the server.

> AND (!!!) a Bunch of little Athlon 2600 with a SCSI-Raid (3-4 Disks
> of 147 GB) are cheaper as one Big machine.

Best to use 2U machines with the maximum number of disks IMHO.  A 2U machine 
should be able to have 5 disks.

It seems that ATA disks are available in larger sizes than SCSI.  One supplier 
I checked offers IDE disks up to 300G in size, but SCSI only to 147.

Get 5 * 300G disks in a RAID-5 and you have 1.2T in 2U.  That should fit 
10,000 users with a 500M quota each with room to spare.

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