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nat ipchains on debian woody

Hello Gurus,
I have installed a debian woody with to interfaces eth0 and eth1. I has configured the internet conexion on eth0 which has got a static ip on internet. And on eth1 i want to put a interface to do a proxy nat gateway on my internal lan (i want to put a on it).
I have read doc to do it but when i apply this doc i have a "your kernel seems to not support ipchains" messages when i try to do this. After this i have a ip on eth1 but my pc´s on the internal lan can´t have internet access througth the eth0 (internet conexion).
I think that the problem is that the kernel do not have a ipmasquerade support (NAT suppport), so i think that this is the only steep i need to do in order to apply correct the steps of the configuration that i has a problem with. So
Did you know how to give a NAT (ipmasquerade support) on a debian woody kernel in order to solve my problem?
What do exactly the command "apt-get install ipmasq" in this context ?
Thanks in advance,

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