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Re: Remote server management

Marcel Hicking wrote:

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BWCT offers several terminal servers with the usual ethernet access
and terminal server features. Apart from the interesting feature of
wireing them up via USB they offer relais ports to switch a reset
line or your ATX power switches. I'd estimate that already a few
ROL-F cards plus a terminal server with multiport RS232 card will
come in more expensive than their 16-port 19"/1U base box. Further
extension boxes are cheaper as the don't need a cpu. The guys are
very cooperative and can produce quite any indiviual configration.
See their webpage www.bwct.de for details or better contact them by
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Cheers, Marcel

Just about every remote power switch I've ever worked with in a Telecommunications central office and small office environment has had the option of including "dry contact closure" relays added on, or they're already on the device and not wired to anything. Run them over to the reset switch and you're done.

Most of them cost more than the average ISP spends on a server, however -- because they're NEBS rated, UL listed, yadda yadda yadda, and dipped in solid gold (a joke about the price), and sold to companies with wads of cash.

But they've been available for a loooong time.  Decades, really.


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